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Online Route Management, Operations Monitoring & Plan Vs Actual

Fusion is an online view of optimised routes and also provides a real time view of route (vehicle) operations. The key concepts and functionality of Fusion include:

  • Live view of vehicle GPS track (either using ISL’s Navigator in-cab solution or a 3rd party vehicle tracking system) with real time progress of vehicle along optimised route
  • Plan versus actual monitoring
  • Live feed of exception reports created by drivers using Navigator, eg, Road Closed, Bin Not Out, etc
  • Map and calendar view of the planned optimised routes accessible to all who have access and permissions (managers, supervisors, crews, clients)
  • Search of services by property or street per service, ie, what days does ABC Ltd at 42 High Street receive a glass recycling service
  • Management of two-way messaging between driver and HQ
  • Management of in-cab Navigator devices

Fusion Screenshot: View a Service Map

Fusion Screenshot View a Service Map

Fusion Screenshot: LiveView Tracking and Driver Reporting

Liveview tracking and driver reporting

Fusion Screenshot: Tracking Route Progress – Percentage Complete and Missed Properties

Tracking Route Progress

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