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TA for Preparation of Environmental Projects to be Financed out of the Cohesion Fund

Financial and economic services
Waste and resources management
Environmental management and compliance
Czech Republic
Ministry of the Environment/European Commission (ISPA)

The project involved the provision of Technical Assistance and training in the preparation of applications from the environment sector to be submitted to the European Commission for support from the Cohesion Fund.

This involved, for selected wastewater and solid waste management projects:

  • Reviewing the technical content, including feasibility, of each project
  • Revising the legal aspects
  • Elaborating or revising as necessary the Cost-Benefit Analysis for each project
  • Revising the CF Application Form and all required supporting documents, and giving recommendations regarding the feasibility study, environmental impact assessment, design and technical description
  • Evaluating and giving recommendations for the qualitative improvement of the application documents of the respective CF projects.

The projects varied in size, but a typical value for the initial investment was about €30 million.

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