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Strengthening the Capacity of the Slovak Ministry of Environment in the Preparation and Implementation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects

Financial and economic services
Institutional strengthening, training and capacity building
Waste and resources management
Environmental management and compliance
Ministry of Environment/PHARE

The objective of this project was to strengthen the capacity of the Slovak Ministry of Environment (MoE) and other key stakeholders in the preparation and implementation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in the waste management sector.

The specific objectives were to:
1. Analyse the current situation within the MoE with respect to PPP project identification and development

2. Develop and agree an activity plan and programme

3. Develop and deliver a series of training courses on the following topics:
a. Introduction to PPP
b. Preparation of PPP projects, with case studies
c. Public procurement for PPP projects, with case studies
d. Financial and economic issues, feasibility studies for PPP projects, case studies
e. Good and bad examples from preparation and implementation of PPP projects
f. PPP projects within the legislative and administrative framework of Slovakia
g. Overview of existing EU state aid policies and legislation, particularly in relation to post-accession EU funding of environmental projects
h. New regulatory changes in EU state aid policies and legislation

4. Preparation of a methodology aimed at optimising programming procurement and implementation processes for PPP projects, including a model for preparation and implementation of a pilot PPP project in waste management.

5. Provision of ad hoc advice and assistance on proposed PPP projects and related state aid issues.

6. Conduct a final workshop (2 days, 25 participants) on preparation and implementation of PPP projects in waste management, presenting the methodology prepared under item 4.

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