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Sector study on waste water management in Jamaica

Expertise on small islands
Institutional strengthening, training and capacity building
Waste and resources management
Environmental management and compliance
German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) / Scientific Research Council (SRC) Jamaica

Preparation of a sector study discussed and agreed with partner organisations, executing agencies and target groups, covering the field of waste water management in Jamaica.

ISL’s Study provided

  • Impacts of inadequate waste water treatment on human health and the environment;
  • Advantages and disadvantages of existing waste water treatment facilities and the relevant operating organisations;
  • Legislation about the environment and underlying policy/regulatory conditions;
  • Areas of responsibility of different waste water management agencies at national and local levels;
  • Willingness of the industrial sector to adopt environmentally-sound production methods;
  • Qqualification levels of the personnel in public authorities and in the private consultancy sector;
  • Existing and potential structures for cost-covering financing of waste water management;
  • Waste water management in the context of cooperation between the Caribbean island states