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Kyrgyz Republic Mining Sector – Regulatory Capacity Development Project

Financial and economic services
Institutional strengthening, training and capacity building

The global mining industry is characterised by very high investment risk and capital intensity and to be successful in this market, the Kyrgyz Republic and its institutions will have to outperform other resource rich countries in terms of attractiveness and conduciveness of the legal, business, regulatory and security climate to attract such investment. Currently a number of impediments stand in Kyrgyz Republic’s way and among them are deficiencies in the legislative base for the sector and capacity of the authorities to effectively implement best practice regulation in Kyrgyz Republic.

An upgrade of the knowledge and skills of the regulatory authorities is essential to implement best practice regulation effectively in the mining sector in Kyrgyz Republic. To date, regulation has been characterised by ad hoc negotiations in the award of licenses and concessions, together with technical and administratively based regulatory oversight. Modern, best practice, regulation of the sector involves integrated economic, legal, financial, environmental and technical oversight, by a coordinated and multi-disciplinary regulatory structure.

Workshops designed by the project team will provide capacity building and training for State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources (SAGMR) staff and also for the Ministry of Economy and Antimonopoly Policy (MEAP) and other government agencies.

There are many skilled mining regulatory experts in Kyrgyz Republic, however boosting and supplementing their skills and creating a more modern regulatory environment and structure wherein regulation effectively responds to and adequately balances the legitimate interests of all is a key challenge to all concerned. This project will support these experts in developing their skills.

There are eight workshops covering a wide range of topics from ‘Developing the Mining sector in the Kyrgyz Republic’, ‘Strategy and Policy – Governance of the Mining Sector’, ‘Environmental, Health and Safety’, to ‘Inward Investment’ and ‘Dispute Settlement in the Mining Sector’.

In addition to the workshops the project will provide advice on a range of specific mining sector topics for example ‘Assist the Implementation of a Remediation/Reclamation Framework for Mines’ and ‘Support the Development of a Manual on Mining Development Design’

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