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Development & Implementation of an Integrated Waste Management Strategy for the Maltese Islands

Expertise on small islands
Procurement and tendering
Financial and economic services
Institutional strengthening, training and capacity building
Waste and resources management
Environmental management and compliance
Ministry for Resources and Infrastructure/Govt. of Malta

Development of an integrated waste management strategy for the Maltese Islands, including detailed analyses / forecasts of waste arisings, assessment of new waste management systems and facilities (including recycling systems) required for achieving full compliance with EU directives, detailed investment strategy and financing plan, proposals for institutional strengthening, organisation and delivery of a series of training / consultation workshops for key stakeholders.

The Malta Government officially approved the Strategy in October 2001.

Provision of advice on institutional strengthening requirements for waste regulation, monitoring and enforcement.

Provision of advice and assistance on the establishment, organisation, management and financing of a new Government-owned company (WasteServ Malta Limited) to be responsible for strategy implementation, and to manage the development and operation of new waste management facilities including:

  • Two long-term landfill sites (for stabilised hazardous and non-hazardous wastes respectively)
  • Hazardous waste storage and treatment facilities.
  • Composting and materials recovery facilities.
  • A transfer station on the island of Gozo.

Preparation of tender / contract documentation and performance specifications for the following Contract Packages:

  • Package 1 – Provision and operation of facilities for the reception, processing, recovery / recycling and final disposal of construction, demolition and similar inert wastes generated throughout the Maltese Islands.
  • Package 2 – Provision and operation of facilities and systems for the reception, processing, recovery / recycling and final disposal of non-inert wastes (including hazardous wastes) generated throughout the Maltese Islands.
  • Package 3 – Site investigations and risk assessments, and the development of remediation / restoration plans for three existing waste dump sites.

Detailed technical and financial evaluation of tenders received, and provision of recommendations and advice on the awarding of contracts (total investment value for Packages 1 and 2 ~ EUR 17 million).