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Design and Implementation of a Waste Management Information System (MIS) in Southern West Bank

Institutional strengthening, training and capacity building
Waste and resources management
Environmental management and compliance
IT Solutions
Hebron & Bethlehem, Palestine
International Finance Corporation / JSC of Hebron and Bethlehem

Design and implementation of a fully customised web application for managing waste collection and street cleansing related information. It is a central repository of all records relating to containers, waste collection routes, street sweeping routes, cleanliness inspections, waste quantity records, and financial data relating to waste management costs and fees. It will also be the central monitoring and KPI reporting tool for the GPOBA agreement.

Key tasks and responsibilities included:

  • Data and requirements gathering including stakeholder consultation and identification of functional and non-functional requirements;
  • Preparation of System Framework & Overall Development Plan including a Data Migration Strategy;
  • Preparation of MIS Conceptual Model and MIS Design Specification;
  • Development and user acceptance testing for MIS modules (waste quantities, waste collection, street cleansing, and financial management);
  • Prepare documentation (including user and training manuals) and train local staff;
  • Implement and deploy MIS (including back-up / business continuity arrangements).

The system encompasses:

  • Service Management and Performance Monitoring for waste collection and street cleansing services for 80 municipalities / villages;
  • Functionality to allow internal inspection of streets as well as inspections by the Independent Verification Agents to collect all the data required to calculate Cleanliness Indices;
  • Completely web browser based, hosted service with zero impact on client ICT infrastructure;
  • Seamless integration of Azure Cloud (SQL Server), GIS, and Amazon S3 technologies;
  • Access to the system through field-based inspection devices;
  • Management reports incorporating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and service maps.

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