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Corporate development and regional support programme for a new solid waste company

Financial and economic services
Institutional strengthening, training and capacity building
Environmental management and compliance
Adjara Georgia
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

In 2009, a new special purpose company (Hygiene Ltd) was created to design, construct and operate a new sanitary landfill to serve the region A 2-year project to provide assistance in the establishment and operation of this new publicly-owned company Implementation of a regional support programme in the solid waste sector in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, located in south-west Georgia with a population of 380,000

ISL provided

Corporate Development Programme for the new Company including:

  • Development and implementation of an Integrated Management System (IMS).
  • Development and implementation of a computerised Management Information System.
  • Development and signing of a Public Service Agreement between the new Company and the waste collection companies.
  • Preparation of financial projections and a tariff policy.
  • Development and implementation of a Public Relations (PR) and stakeholder communications programme.
  • Preparation of a medium-term Corporate Development Plan.
  • Provision of capacity building and training.
  • Regional Support Programme for the Government of Adjara, including:
  • Provision of training in financial monitoring and reporting.
  • Develop of a policy and guidelines for environmental monitoring and enforcement.
  • Organisation and implementation of a study tour for key stakeholders.

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