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Corporate development and regional support programme for a new solid waste company
Adjara Georgia
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Development of a National Hazardous Waste Management System for Azerbaijan
State Environment Committee/World Bank
Customisation and Implementation of a Waste Management Information System
Ministry of Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning
Monitoring Impact of a DFID-funded project on Solid Waste Management
Department for International Development
Development and implementation of a municipal solid waste recycling plan
Colchester, Essex, UK
Colchester Borough Council
Strategy for EU Environmental Law Approximation
Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning & Construction/European Commission (CARDS)
TA for Preparation of Environmental Projects to be Financed out of the Cohesion Fund
Czech Republic
Ministry of the Environment/European Commission (ISPA)
Capacity Building in Hazardous Wastes Management
Ministry of Environment/DANCED