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Routing for private sector fleets

Integrated Skills are at the forefront of software and hardware solutions for the logistics sector andwe are recognised as a route optimisation & planning industry specialist.

Logistics Integrated Skills

The solution portfolio extends beyond vehicle routing & optimisation to include vehicle tracking, in-cab & mobile and point-of-delivery solutions.

Integrated Skills’ solutions reduce delivery operational costs by up to 30% by driving out operational inefficiencies, ultimately cutting costs and improving customer service.

The solutions provide an easy and affordable way to route plan, optimise, dispatch, track and monitor delivery operations in real time. The solutions available can plan and optimises both static and dynamic routing to maximise efficiency by taking into account the road network, time windows, single and multiple orders, vehicle types & capacities, vehicle availability and other constraints.

Logistics Integrated Skills

Solutions can also provide dispatchers, managers and customer service representatives with a real time, global view of driver movement and delivery status.

ISL can draw upon a wide range of software options to suit the varying requirements and budgets including per month per vehicle payment options.

The software solutions can interface with various third party systems including Sage, Vigo, Stirling, Mandata, etc as well as vehicle tracking and navigation systems like TomTom.

ISL can also draw upon many years’ experience of the logistics industry to provide route optimisation consultancy services.

Read more about our Software Solutions here.

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