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UK Local Authority Route Optimisation Projects on the Increase

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Integrated Skills Ltd report a noticeable increase of route optimisation projects in the UK local authority market.

Stuart Henshaw, Director of Public Sector at ISL, comments “Despite, or as a result of, austerity measures ISL is contracting with an increasing number of UK local authorities for route optimisation projects. The primary goal for all the recent route optimisation projects is efficiency savings”.

ISL utilise the World’s leading route optimisation software from RouteSmart Technologies enabling local authorities to optimse the routes, working hours and fleet requirements for vehicle, cycling and walking based services. As Stuart Henshaw explains, “Historically ISL consultancy services has concentrated on waste, recycling and winter maintenance (gritting/salting) but recent activity has included street cleansing and grounds maintenance.”

Within the UK and Europe RouteSmart has been applied to a broad range of local authority services beyond environmental services such as cash collection, adult social care transportation and inspections/surveying of various types.

ISL has also applied RouteSmart for ArcGIS to the parcel and post sector, the utilities sector as well as private sector organisations.

The increase in route optimisation projects is set to increase. According to Sales & Marketing Director Alan Paget a number of recent route optimisation projects have been won by ISL as local authorities turn their back on non-GIS, functionally inferior software products: ”The maturing local government route optimisation market is becoming more discerning and rejecting the limited functionality and narrow service focus of other products for true ‘corporate’ route optimisation software that can deliver a higher return on investment across numerous services”.

About Integrated Skills Limited
Integrated Skills, operating with offices across the UK, is a specialist provider of routing and route optimisation software, smartphone & tablet solutions, environmental management software, highways management software as well as environmental consultancy in the following sectors:

  • Environmental service operations
  • Highways service operations
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  • Utilities
  • Logistics
  • Newspaper deliveries
ISL is the leading partner of RouteSmart Technologies Inc.™ for high density, door-by-door and street-by-street route optimisation software

ISL is a partner of ESRI for the ArcGIS platform.

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