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Integrated Skills’ Webinar Success Spring/Summer 2019

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At Integrated Skills, we have hosted a successful run of webinars over the Spring & Summer of 2019. We have been providing specific technical guidance for using RouteSmart tools effectively with masterclasses from one of our top consultants and we have also been delving into broader topics that affect Waste Management services with host of guests from local authorities and organisations from inside and outside of the sector.

The webinars were initially proposed in response to the success of our 21st Century Cities Conference last November, where we discussed the upcoming (at the time) National Resources and Waste Strategy put forward by HM Government. In the new year, once the paper was issued, we reconvened with our conference contributors to supply our clients with bitesize online seminars discussing methods of meeting expectations laid out in the paper, as well as other means of improving services, saving money and making the best of RouteSmart.

The RouteSmart masterclasses were put together by one of our Route Optimisation consultants, Beth, who’s expertise in the use of RouteSmart for ArcGIS allowed for a much deeper examination into the use of the software and tools most commonly utilised in day-to-day route planning for high density services, including waste collections or street cleansing. These were directed at current RouteSmart users, refreshing their understanding as well as breaking new ground for some of our more recent trainees.

You can read more about the RouteSmart masterclasses following the links below, with each article containing a link to the webinar – if you have registered as a FreshDesk user.

Our first Waste Management webinar was co-hosted with Victoria Murray from WYGGroup. Over 20 local authority managers attended online to hear Victoria investigate the requirements of the Resources & Waste Strategy and our Business Development Director, Stuart Henshaw presented on methods for meeting the criteria laid out – including tools and services that we at Integrated Skills provide.
Read more and view Victoria’s and Stuart’s presentations here.

Following this, we were fortunate enough to arrange for Trewin Restorick, CEO at Hubbub to contribute on a webinar entitled ‘Engaging the public in resource management’. Trewin explained the work that Hubbub conduct and how their innovative campaigns have increased public engagement with waste management – including the #Leedsbyexample campaign, encouraging the people of Leeds to recycle coffee cups using colourful and intriguing bins like the ones in the Tweet below:

See more about Trewin’s webinar here.

Continuing the series, we then hosted a masterclass concerning Waste Composition Analysis (WCA), a service we sometimes provide with the support of our associate Sarah Knapp, whom we enlisted to contribute on this webinar. Sarah’s presentation explored the values of conducting a WCA in the Local Authority as well as a detailed guide on how to conduct one successfully. Read more and view Sarah’s webinar here.

Waste Composition Team Integrated Skills

Our penultimate Waste Management webinar for the Summer was entitled ‘The Benefits and Challenges of Introducing Connected Technologies’. Vaughan Johnson & Darren Marzell from Colchester Borough Council presented on their successful use of RouteSmart, Navigator, Fusion, the Fusion API and how the combination of these tools allows the organisation to provide an effective Waste Management service. Read more and view Vaughan and Darren’s webinar here.

For the final webinar in our series, we invited Dr Suzie Hamlin from SimplyPut to speak on ‘Overcoming Resistance to New Technology in the Local Authority Workplace’. Suzie is a recognised leader in this field having worked across telecoms, health and other public sector organisations. Suzie discussed her experience of guiding organisations towards a positive universal acceptance of new technology as well as the best methods for overcoming any resistance. Read more and view Suzie’s webinar here.

Owing to the excellent contributors and encouraging feedback, we are preparing for an Autumn/Winter Series of webinars, for which you can sign up below.

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