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Smart Cities

ISL is at the forefront of providing software solutions for Smart City initiatives. Ensuring that Smart Cities are also environmentally ‘green’ cities, our solutions reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by maximising service time & reducing unproductive mileage as well as ensuring that hazardous & contaminated materials are reported & removed quickly and effectively. The ISL software also minimises traffic disruption caused by road (street) works through a co-ordination platform open to all stakeholders.

smart cities Integrated Skills

In line with the digital transformation ethos of Smart Cities, ISL software solutions draw upon a raft of technologies including:

  • Smart Bins (bin sensors)
  • 4G based communications
  • Smartphone & tablet apps
  • The Cloud
  • Data exchange via APIs & web services
  • Vehicle telematics
  • Bin weighing
  • GPS tracking
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Our Smart City software solutions focus primarily on environmental services and highways management:

  • Tactical & dynamic (operational) route optimisation of waste & recycling collections, street sweeping, gully emptying & winter maintenance vehicles including snow ploughing and survey vehicles
  • Route optimisation of manual street sweepers, surveyors, inspectors & operational teams
  • Job/task management of spatially distributed assets (containers, bins, etc)
  • Road (street) based works & highway maintenance activity
  • Contractor management systems
  • Online route management
  • In-cab navigation & reporting
  • Smartphone & Tablet Apps
  • Vehicle based telematics & tracking

ISL’s solutions help Smart Cities achieve their goal of delivering effective environmental management.

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