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Streets Maintenance

Service modelling: looking at ways to improve street cleansing & maintenance

We drive along and walk the streets every day without thinking about the businesses that maintain and clean everything. If your job is to make sure street maintenance happens, you don’t have the luxury of this complacency. In fact, it’s your task to make sure that people never notice the work you do because it’s always seamless and high quality.

Last mile route optimisation integrated skills

To secure a future for your business, you need to look ahead to the challenges facing street maintenance. Tackling them before they become significant problems requires innovative practices and software solutions like street maintenance software from Integrated Skills. You can back-up your business decision with hard data and make them with confidence. Sometimes you need to invest in new staff, more vehicles and other resources. With our street maintenance service modelling, you can check whether the results will be worth the input.

Street Maintenance

Typical issues facing street cleansing and maintenance

Below are a few of the common constraints that are facing street cleansing and maintenance today. We can work with these and many other issues to find your ideal software solutions.

  • Budgets – the workload is expanding but budgets are going in the opposite direction meaning that companies need to be able to do more with less;
  • Incorporating data – along with regular maintenance routes and cleaning, street repair needs to be responsive to tackle ad-hoc issues;
  • Route planning – efficient routes mean making better use of workforce hours and greater fuel efficiency.

When tackled correctly, the solutions to these issues create an uplift in the efficiency of your street maintenance. This reduces the pressure and ensures that you are future-proofed against further changes.

Multi-drop Routing Integrated Skills

Working with Integrated Skills

When we provide street cleansing and maintenance software solutions, we don’t just give you the tech and then leave you to it. Our team becomes part of your team. We find out what your goals are and the challenges you are facing so we can help you meet them. Your current data forms the backbone of a new plan for your business created using our customised packages and RouteSmart software.

From powerful data manipulation and problem-solving, to in-cab communications and live-view systems, you can take it as far as you like. Our software can be used to track, budget, plan and review creating a consistent trend towards improved service levels.

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