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Summer/Autumn 2020 Webinars

Conference Integrated Skills

At Integrated Skills, we host regular webinars investigating topics around Waste Management, Smart Cities, Route Optimisation and other services and provision. They are all free. We host more specific, technical webinars presenting guidance on how to use RouteSmart tools. Sign up at the bottom for invitations.

Circular Economy Masterclass – key concepts and latest developments every Waste & Environmental Manager should know, 19th June 2020

In this webinar, Brian Mayne, a leader in the Circular Economy thought, discusses the key concepts and explains the latest developments and how local authorities can adapt to the model.

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RouteSmart Masterclass – Solvers, 17th July 2020

James Baker of ISL investigates the uses of the Solvers in RouteSmart.

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Masterclass – How to Set up a Successful Re-Use Shop at your Household Waste Site, 21st October 2020

Following our recent theme of Circular Economy, Stuart Henshaw (Integrated Skills) will be discussing with Liz Behrens (Leeds City Council) how their Re-Use Shops project was conceived, funded & delivered and asking Louise Megson (Revive Leeds) how well the shops perform and their wider community benefits. Leeds City Council operates two very successful Re-Use shops – Revive Leeds Seacroft and Revive Leeds – Kirkstall.

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