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At Integrated Skills we host regular webinars discussing themes around waste management, smart cities and new technology as well as more specific webinars investigating the use of tools within RouteSmart.

From the comfort of your own office, you can easily dial in and listen to some interesting topics from speakers with valuable knowledge and inspiring initiatives from across the industry.

Top 10 Most Popular Webinars

1. How to Set Up a Successful Re-use Shop at a Household Waste Site with Revive Leeds

2. Wastes Past, Present & Future – Christmas Webinar 2020

3. Confused by Carbon? – Asking for a Friend with Sarahjane Widdowson & Paul Frith

4. Covid 19 – How to Re-open your Household Waste Sites Safely during the Lockdown with Paul Jones, Northumberland CC

5. Covid 19 waste Managers’ Briefing

6. Engaging the Public in Recycling with Hubbub

7. Circular Economy Masterclass – with Brian Mayne

8. All I want for Christmas – Consumption and Waste-free shopping – Christmas Webinar 2021

9. A) Technology 101 for Waste Managers with Rugged Mobile and Vision Techniques

9. B) Local Government Waste Service Approaches with Paul Frith

10. Waste Composition Analysis with Sarah Knapp

Latest Webinars:

December 2021 – All I Want For Christmas

November 2021 – RS Masterclass RS Macro-language

September 2021 – RS Masterclass – Time Windows

August 2021 – WikiWaste with Joanne Wood

July 2021 – RouteSmart Masterclass – Ask Us Anything

June 2021 – Technology 101 for Waste Managers – what are the essentials and why?

May 2021 – RS Masterclass – Attribute Manager

April 2021 – Confused by Carbon? Asking for a friend…

February 2021 – RouteSmart Masterclass – Feeding Back Real World Data into Routes

To view our previous webinars, follow the links below:

Summer – Autumn 2020

Winter 2019 – Spring 2020

Spring – Summer 2019

Upcoming Webinars (Details TBC)

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