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Webinar: Confused by Carbon? Asking for a friend…

Carbon Confusion Integrated Skills

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If you are in waste management and need to get your head around the basics of carbon & carbon reduction and how it relates to your role, then this webinar is for you.

  • Basic Carbon facts- what’s the problem again? – a refresher
  • Carbon footprints, Carbon accounting and Carbon targets
  • Local authority actions on Carbon
  • What about Carbon and Waste Management, recycling & the waste hierarchy and the Circular Economy?
  • Thoughts on Reducing Carbon in Waste Management Services?

Stuart Henshaw (Integrated Skills) will be joined by Paul Frith (Frith Resource Management) and Sarahjane Widdowson (Intelisos) who will wrestle with this topic.

We want to respond to the questions you are asking, so please get in touch in advance, and then tune in to the Webinar on 16th April to hear what our experts think.

Please send your questions to events@integrated-skills.com and we’ll include them in our session together.

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