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ISL Webinar: RouteSmart Masterclass – Feeding Back Real World Data into Routes

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Next in line from the Integrated Skills’ webinar series, comes a RouteSmart Masterclass looking at how we can feedback real world data into RouteSmart.

Once routes become operational, it is easy to forget to benchmark these against actual performance. Routes may have been designed a long time ago using broad assumptions and it is possible that more accurate information is available.

Making use of real world performance data improves the reliability of RouteSmart models. Making use of the best available data can also highlight areas where changes need to be made, helping improve your service.

During the webinar we will demonstrate how you can factor in real world data to your routes and will also be answering one of your questions from FreshDesk.

We hope you will be able to join James Baker, one of our Route Optimisation Consultants, on Friday 26th February at 11am.

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