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Engaging the Public in Resource Management Webinar

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We will be hosting a Webinar with Trewin Restorick (@TrewinR) from Hubbub at 11:00am on Friday 29th March 2019 discussing the theme of Engaging the Public in Resource Management.

Hubbub are a charity organisation that create inspiring campaigns designed to engage the public with methods for saving and protecting the environment. Trewin founded the organisation in 2014. Read more about Hubbub here.

The Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy will demand a step-change in public behaviour. For local authorities, where recycling performance has levelled off in recent years and resources for waste education are stretched, how can local authorities engage (or re-engage) with the public in cost-effective ways?

This month’s webinar features as our main presenter Trewin Restorick, founder and CEO of the award-winning charity Hubbub UK (www.hubbub.org.uk) which transforms the way environmental messages are communicated by bringing people and organisations together as a force for good. 

Hubbub’s quirky and innovative campaigns are cleverly thought-through in order to encourage the public to ask their own questions and are creatively delivered using the tools of 21st century marketeers.

Stuart Henshaw will also present Integrated Skills’ Bin2Day Smartphone app and discuss how engaging the public is a key element of improving service quality.

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