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MIS for the Middle East

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Integrated Skills Ltd to develop yet another bespoke software system for a municipality in the Middle East: A Waste Management Information System (WMIS)

Integrated Skills Ltd (ISL, www.ukisl.co.uk), based in Romsey near Southampton, UK, has been awarded a contract to design, develop, implement and support a Waste Management Information System (WMIS) for a joint municipal environmental service in the Middle East. The project is funded by the World Bank.

The requirement has arisen out of the development of a new landfill site soon to be completed. The geographic area in question has suffered from many years of political and economic instability which has led to a neglected solid waste management infrastructure. The use of various unregulated dump sites was prevalent which has led to a serious threat to public health.

The MIS will aid all the municipal authorities providing local environmental services to achieve their goals in developing a financially sustainable solid waste management system and provide access to efficient and improved services to all residents.

The key functional areas covered by the MIS are:

Provision of Services:

  • Waste collection management – routes, frequency, etc
  • Condition/availability of equipment, such as trucks, bins, etc.
  • Cleanliness Parameters – street sweeping frequencies, index for measurement of cleanliness, etc

Financial management:

  • Costs – tip fees, etc
  • Billing for residential and commercial
  • Fee Collection – invoicing, credit notes, etc
  • Fees – schedule of rates

ISL is developing the WMIS based on GIS and workflow technologies to ensure that the system meets the requirements as stated now and also for the future: Use of handheld devices, vehicle tracking, map based report, asset management are all potential future requirements.

ISL will draw upon its experience of developing Performance Manager, a GIS and workflow based contract management software solution for the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This online system has handled 50,000 service requests since its launch in 2010.

About Integrated Skills Limited

Integrated Skills Limited, operating internationally out of Romsey near Southampton, Hampshire, is a specialist provider of GIS based software solutions including contractor management systems, routing and optimisation software solutions and street works coordination software as well as environmental consultancy.

Performance Manager from ISL was wholly developed by the company providing an externally hosted software solution for the management of contractors in the environmental service sector

Trafficworx manages the coordination of road works providing stakeholders with transparency on all planned and projected road works enabling them to propose, accept/reject and progress road works.

ISL’s routing and optimisation software solutions reduce transport costs, improves productivity (improved drop density, reduced costs per drop, etc) and maximises efficiency through reductions in fleet size, mileage, planning time/resource and can also be used for scenario planning when introducing new orders, customers, vehicles, routes and services.

ISL is a partner of RouteSmart Technologies Inc.™ (www.routesmart.com) for high density, door-by-door and street-by-street route optimisation software as used by local authorities and their contractors for waste & recycling services, winter maintenance, street cleansing, gully emptying, grounds maintenance, social care transportation and similar services. The software is also used in the postal services, newspaper distribution and utilities sectors.

ISL is an ESRI partner and member of the RHA (Road Haulage Association).

About Integrated Skills Limited
Integrated Skills, operating with offices across the UK, is a specialist provider of routing and route optimisation software, smartphone & tablet solutions, environmental management software, highways management software as well as environmental consultancy in the following sectors:

  • Environmental service operations
  • Highways service operations
  • Parcel & post
  • Utilities
  • Logistics
  • Newspaper deliveries
ISL is the leading partner of RouteSmart Technologies Inc.™ for high density, door-by-door and street-by-street route optimisation software

ISL is a partner of ESRI for the ArcGIS platform.

For further information contact info@integrated-skills.com.

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