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Spreading the word about smart meter installation efficiency

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Smart meters are rolling out in homes across the UK. If your company supplies smart meters to energy-conscious consumers, then you will know the advantages of these handy devices. They provide site-specific information about energy use, put an end to estimated bills and improve efficiency for energy providers and consumers.

With Integrated Skills’ route optimisation software, you can enjoy these same benefits when it comes to the provision of smart meter installation services. When you use our systems, they provide you with precise information to stop you guessing your numbers and increase the overall efficiency of your business.

The changing climate

The more energy providers raise awareness about electricity consumption through smart meter installation, the better it is for our planet. The same is true with your fleet and fuel consumption. Route optimisation reduces fuel costs and increases your green credentials in the eyes of your workforce and your customers. Environmentally conscious practices will be the basis for a lot more client decisions in the future, so you can get ahead of the curve now.

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Better deals for everyone

With smart meters, energy companies can pass better deals onto customers when they track their energy consumption. At Integrated Skills, we do something similar for you. We analyse your data over time to see if you could be getting a better deal out of your fleet.

When you track factors like driver efficiency and route feedback, you get the information you need for training and improvement. You also have hard figures for accountability and to secure contracts and impress investors. The feedback loop of information and improvement is a guaranteed upward spiral for your business if you apply the right tools and engage the best support.

Where do we start?

Our route optimisation software brings our powerful systems to your business. We offer full customisation, training and ongoing support. We show you how to create reports, leverage the data provided for growth or training, and adapt to the particular challenges of your workforce or operation. Get in touch to reap the rewards for your company.

About Integrated Skills Limited
Integrated Skills, operating with offices across the UK, is a specialist provider of routing and route optimisation software, smartphone & tablet solutions, environmental management software, highways management software as well as environmental consultancy in the following sectors:

  • Environmental service operations
  • Highways service operations
  • Parcel & post
  • Utilities
  • Logistics
  • Newspaper deliveries
ISL is the leading partner of RouteSmart Technologies Inc.™ for high density, door-by-door and street-by-street route optimisation software

ISL is a partner of ESRI for the ArcGIS platform.

For further information contact info@integrated-skills.com.

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